On one hand, the cube is black because black signifies the all encompassing and immutable silence of nature, who says "behold, for I am infinite possibility made manifest ad infinitum" – here, initiates of the outer lodge recount how the allegory of the Black Cube of Saturn is associated with the third sphere of the Qabbalistic sephiroth, called Binah (meaning "divine understanding"; בינה‎ ). They learn that this sphere is an essential conduit of Saturnian energy, invoking deep understanding and wisdom through contemplating and perceiving the brilliance of mysterium tremendum et fascinans, what theologian Rudolf Otto (1917) described as being "wholly other" and evoking "a reaction of silence".  


It is likened to 'a  palace of mirrors' that reflects the point of light  of Chokmah [wisdom] increasing and multiplying it in an infinite variety of ways. In this sense, it is the 'quarry', which is carved out by the light of wisdom. It is the womb [matrix], which gives shape to the Spirit of God [consciousness]".


The Black Cube of Saturn is the quarry in which the initiated mine for gold – it is the special province of soul-endowed humanity. 



The pathway of Saturnian initiation is one of contemplation and solitude,  for discovering the hidden gnosis of Saturnus is a path to which each must go alone - Sat-Ur-Nus means "Divine intellect (NUS),  the Sacred Fire (UR) of the  State of Being (SAT) and corresponds to Ajna (आज्ञा)  from the Hindu system.  Saturnus is Latin for Saturn, what the initiated recognize as the primeval sun,  the black star and the chief cornerstone – the initiated are those who seek to redeem their karma through the conduit of the Saturnian method. They learn the allegorical code that says from chaos, emerges a new order as an inauguration and resurrection of the Golden Age of antiquity; together, the initiated return from their exile in Babylon to rebuild the new temple of Solomon, thus completing the alchemical Great Work and acquiring the philosopher's stone.



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He answered, “As soon as you enter Jerusalem, a man carrying a pitcher of water will meet you. Follow him into the house he enters." – Luke 22:10


In no time, the sky seemed to darken in the morning light as the cube descended and eclipsed the sun; yet, still there was no shadow. The clouds parted as the golden radiance of the square jewel splashed across the land, the mountains, hills, and woodlands showered in its luminescence.


The foundation beneath her feet began to tremble as this thing drew closer and closer, moving slowly, down and through the clouds. The people started screaming as it headed straight for Babylon. 

As tears filled her eyes, Aletheia cried and remembered what Eliyahu had told her; she knew exactly what this meant. It was as if everything became still and nothing mattered; the air became thick and hard to breathe.


Outside, everyone was pointing at the sky as they stood and bathed in  the intensifying heat of the golden cube but Aletheia knew better; she tried to tell the others "we have to get beyond the the city walls" but she could already see it was too late.


And all at once and from above, Azazel,  the destroyer, leaned down, as a mother does to her child, and said "behold, I bring with me the liquidation of this quarry" and from her hand sprung the dawn of the aquarian age. 

The eschaton is Terence McKenna's (1975) "universal panacea at the end of time, all history being the shock wave of this final actualization of the potential in the human psyche" - its secret is encoded in the allegory of the Golden Cube  of New Jerusalem. 


The initiate understands that these concepts and stories are all encoded metaphors, with double, triple,  and quadruple meanings depending on your level of symbolic literacy.

Saturn is 1) an encoded metaphor and 2) the focal point for the manifestation of the demiurge, called Saturnus (who goes by many names, be it Aratron, Abbadon, Apollyon, Azazel, Yahweh, Shiva, El, Yaldabaoth, Zuhal, Zaphkiel, Remphan, and so on) – these many names describe different moods or degrees of the demiurge, different colors of the spectrum of the Saturnian logos [light] which makes manifest the material and visible world.



The Black Cube of Saturn goes by many names; it is a secret allegory, a hidden koān, a rare and timeless puzzle, a rebus and a riddle to be solved. It is a trick, a sham, an illusion, and a shell game; yet, it is so much more. 


The black cube is a universal symbol of the divine, attributed to Saturn; its manifestations can be seen everywhere in places like Mecca, the 9/11 memorial, and many world famous art installations. In Judaism, perhaps its most visible manifestation of black cube symbolism  can be found in the tefillin, a set of small black leather boxes containing scrolls of parchment inscribed with verses from the Torah. Generally, tefillin is to be worn by observant adult Jews during weekday morning prayers – it is to help subjugate a person's worldly desires and encourage spiritual development. In the Islamic tradition, the obvious and most striking manifestation is the Kaaba, the most sacred site in the entire religion, understood to be "The House of God". Notice the parallels between this and the object that lies in the center of the UN meditation room: a black rectangular prism described as an "alter to the God of all". 

The Black Cube of Saturn is often portrayed as a  perceptual prison, a replica,  a lower fidelity imitation of the real thing, an artifice, a  simulation, a carefully  constructed lie repeated over and over again. The black cube is an intelligence test: to see through  its counterfeit nature is to pursue gnosis, meaning true knowledge; thus its  antagonism  serves as the  impetus to attaining  higher  consciousness. The black cube describes the experience of being  ensnared in the lower octave  of the  logos of Saturnus  (the black cube of matter; see  the devil's tarot card). 

In science, computing, and engineering, a black box is a device, system or object which can be viewed in terms of its inputs and outputs (or transfer characteristics), without any knowledge of its internal workings. Its implementation is "opaque" (black). Almost anything might be referred to as a black box: a transistor, an engine, an algorithm, the human brain, an institution or government. 

"The child who tries to open a door has to manipulate the handle (the input) so as to produce the desired movement at the latch (the output); and he has to learn how to control the one by the other without being able to see the internal mechanism that links them. In our daily lives we are confronted at every turn with systems whose internal mechanisms are not fully open to inspection, and which must be treated by the methods appropriate to the Black Box."  – Ashby, W. Ross; An introduction to cybernetics, London: Chapman & Hall, 1956

On the macro scale, the black box is the black cube of three dimensionality, experienced subjectively as third density consciousness – you are suspended in its feedback loop, the back and forth, the literal rotation of the wheel of samsara [maya, illusion] representing the inner machinery of serial time as a perceptual phenomenon.

"Allah, the paramount deity of pagan Arabia, was the target of worship in varying degrees of intensity from the southernmost tip of Arabia to the Mediterranean. To the Babylonians he was 'Il' (god); to the Canaanites, and later the Israelites, he was 'El'; the South Arabians worshiped him as 'Ilah,' and the Bedouins as 'al-Ilah' (the deity). With Muhammad he BECOMES Allah, God of the Worlds, of all believers, the one and only who admits of no associates or consorts in the worship of Him. Judaic and Christian concepts of God abetted the transformation of Allah from a pagan deity to the God of all monotheists. There is no reason, therefore, to accept the idea that 'Allah' passed to the Muslims from Christians and Jews" (Caesar E. Farah, Ph.D., Islam [Barron's Educational Series, 2000, sixth edition paperback] p. 28; bold and capital emphasis ours).

Former Muslim turned atheist Ibn Warraq writes:

"We have evidence that black stones were worshiped in various parts of the Arab world; for example, Clement of Alexandria, writing ca. 190, mentioned that "the Arabs worship stone," alluding to the black stone of Dusares at Petra. Maximus Tyrius writing in the second century says, 'The Arabians pay homage to I know not what god, which they represent by a quadrangular stone': he alludes to the Kaaba that contains the Black Stone. Its great antiquity is also attested by the fact that ancient Persians claim that Mahabad and his successors left the Black Stone in the Kaaba, along with relics and images, and the stone was an emblem of Saturn..."The Black Stone itself is evidently a meteorite and undoubtedly owes its reputation to the fact it fell from the 'heavens.'

The symbol of the black cube has permeated all facets of popular culture, most notably in the entertainment industry for energetic, economic, and often malevolent reasons – the initiate learns that the root of the word "entertainment" comes from the Latin tenere, meaning to hold, to possess, showing close resemblance to the root of religion: religare, meaning to bind, as in binding consciousness. Some examples of black cube themed/ aesthetically inspired constructs might include a device known as a Lemarchand’s Box (An interdimensional conduit that serves as a portal of entry to an alternate realm of existence) - a prominent fixture in Clive Barker’s Hellraiser movie series. The Rubik’s Cube, while seemingly innocuous in nature, can also be attributed to this particular designation, in the sense that the principal theme of this figure exists

as a three-dimensional artifice possessing similar features. The Borg Collective, a transhumanistic race of aliens featured on various occasions in Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek: The Next Generation episodic series, resided in a massive cube-shaped biomechanical construct, yet another aesthetically inspired rendition that can be attributed to Saturnian methodology. In Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, the black cube motif is manifested as the iconic and enigmatic black monolith. In movies like Transformers, The Avengers, and many others, the cube is treated as a hyperdimensional object which is capable of bending space and time – in the film Interstellar, the protagonist enters a wormhole adjacent to Saturn, leading him to a fifth-dimensional  tesseract beyond the boundaries of spacetime. 

The secret operations discovered, through experimentation and exploration, that this reality is an artificial construct designed by interdimensional beings that create artificial time-domains which are like data-banks of conscious experience programmed over and over in different ways to keep people in the same loops of thought and behavior. The majority of people cannot break the 'program' of this system which renders them a product of the system itself. Operations have been activated that enable the breaking of this program by the collective mind and mentally liberate Humanity from this spell/trance-based mind-control system. The control parameters of this system are based on a numerical progression of frequencies which is like a hypnotic pattern that entrains the mind by activating ancient responses that seem to have been programmed into the biology of the human. The ancient civilizations found ways to reverse this process and some have achieved liberation but if any Human DNA remains in the system then this uses the entanglement property to reel the rest of the species in through cloning and consciousness replication.

Essentially, the DNA is like an encrypted code that carries the transmission signature for the Human being. If this code is 'cracked' and utilized by the wrong groups then this enables them to replicate and mind-control Humans by creating false-realities and seemingly real temporal experiences that are actually being processed out by powerful supercomputer systems. The 'larger view' is that this 'solar-system' is one of those powerful supercomputer systems that is designed to create a simulated Human experience by providing a kind of spatiotemporal 'sandbox' for simulating atomic, molecular and biological reactions. These reactions are then fed back to the signature of the Human essence that has been recorded and this continues a cycle of pseudo-life experiences that convinces the soul-essence it is here in this place, now, experiencing physical reality. This sounds very far out but the truth is secret groups developed mind-control technology and simulated realities based upon what they discovered about this reality in itself. The computers reflect this reality and carry the same kind of glitches, as if this reality is a computerized system depending on feedback that is processed by some cosmic processor somewhere out of view.

The early ancient texts regarding the true nature of this reality were all about 'hacking' the system and achieving liberation from the mind-control agenda which seeks to computerize the human essence and quantize the information down to technologically conceivable and finite data of bits that can be manipulated and replicated by these interdimensional overlords that would then have gained access to not a pseudo-living physical reality construct but a soul-level domain one step closer to the eternal spirit.  The goal of the entities is to gain access to eternal spirit which is the gift of the One True Creator to the Awakened Human as a Spiritual Life Force of Self-Awareness. Without that Spark of the Divine the entities must use vampiric means to gain power and this indicates that they cannot generate their own sustenance and therefore do not have the capacity to create life or sustain themselves without the permission and presence of another. Thus, they do not have true power over themselves and are still in a predator-prey kind of behavioral system.

Some people will say that they are 'still 'in a predator-prey behavioral system and that they evolve out and that we have evolved out. This is an illusion or a stark deception. Humanity did not evolve to this state but was Created out of a Divine Indwelling as a non-vampiric essence of pure intent, meaning the divine One True Creator intended that the Awakened Spiritual Humanity exist and therefore nothing can change that other than the free-will of the Human themselves. The intent of the One True Creator alone is enough to sustain the existence as an everlasting force of life. There is no such thing as death, there is no such thing as a requirement to destroy or self-destruct. Humans were technologically downloaded into an advanced quantum-computer system that records and 4 dimensionally prints DNA and memory. They were then transferred, by way of quantum transmission, similar to the way DNA communicates across space-time instantly, through that computer system into an alternate dimension which is this "Universe". That is the nature of this reality. Without a 4-dimensional printer projecting the Human essence into this false-reality there would be no Earth-reality here as it is literally the domain of a computer-system, a fallen mind that separated from the intention of that One True Creator.

This means that this place has a negative net-worth and will ultimately dissolve into itself like a black-hole. Everything here is destined to dissolve unless there is an exit plan and that exit plan is everything that has been described in ancient history. All the messengers were sent and delivered the message, this place is an illusion, it's designed to fail, this universe is based on obsolescence and Humanity does not belong here but has been held prisoner through an act of Spiritual Warfare by interdimensional predators and parasites that do not carry the same signature of the Human and do not reside in the same level of reality. This is the quantum-Spiritual 'mishap' of creation, that this whole system is contrived, it's fraudulent, it's designed for failure and everything about this society is DEMANDING that you RECOGNIZE this truth. SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING and KNOW THE TRUTH.

The numerical progressions that entrain the mind are directly connected to the format of this entire realm. This is why the ‘flower of life’ is known as a ‘metatronic soul stealing grid’ inside the underground bases. This is the literal imprint, the tag and identification number of the quantum prison that falsified creation. Those frequencies and the impression they relay is one that overloads the mind and renders the consciousness incapable of remaining present after a continued exposure to the system.

This is exactly the same as the process of zooming into a fractal set or seeing those animated fibonacci zoom sequences that requires the camera to zoom in or out and thus render some of the data off the screen or too finitely into the center to be read. Imagine if this data is your memories of life in time or your personality, thus these are the frequencies that are embedded into one’s mind and energy system in order to induce a quantum-memory wipe and replacement!The secret operations figured out this is what marks the ‘boundary’ of the realm and that these frequencies activate when the consciousness moves towards the boundary, literally like pac-man, and knocks the person out and plants them back inside of the domain on the opposite end! Without the ability to permeate the memory blocks the individual would simply think they travelled beyond the barrier and found themselves in a new land! It’s a false-awakening, false-reality, hyperbolic illusion system for consciousness entrainment! Thus we get to the symbolism of the cube, that this is like a cube who’s walls are connected, yet this violates the laws of 3-dimensional space. Therefore, the walls connect through a higher space, the 4th dimension and it takes 0 deviation in time to move between one wall and outside the 3-dimension to reach the interior of the wall on the other side of the cube giving the impression that the cubes are connected or to the unawakened that this is an infinite space!

What was discovered is that certain craft are capable of travelling faster than the computerized system can update the next layer of reality and one can ‘vibrate’ to ‘move’ ‘in between’ the layer of the graphical user interface and the sub-quantum processing layer where the information is actually sorted and rendered for the conscious mind. If a person performs this without a body prepared, then the body either dies or goes into shock. With preparation and training the individual can maintain awareness and see beyond the confines of the construct.


Yes, they found out how to peel back the layers of the screen and see what’s taking place back-stage and that is another situation. For those who have seen this information before or read what has been written, you know that the back-stage is literally a staging area for interdimensional beings who manage and maintain this world like a reality TV show where “Humanity” is the sitcom and the experiment.


un cube.jpg

The UN mediation room was designed by Dag Hammarskjöld. In the center of the room he placed a six-and-half-ton rectangular block of iron ore, polished on the top and illuminated from above by a single spotlight. This block, which was a gift of the King of Sweden and a Swedish mining company, was the only symbol in the Room.  Mr. Hammarskjöld described it as "...a meeting of the light, of the sky, and the earth... it is the altar to the God of all.... we want this massive altar to give the impression of something more than temporary...".

The black cube is hexadic – hexadic denotes relation to the hexad, a word referring to any set of six. Here, the number six is attributed to the number of faces that generate the cube, each one representing one of six directions that comprise three dimensionality. On page twenty-two of the widely available Quadrivium, the hexad is described as the first perfect number in numerology due to it being the sum and product of the first three numbers. In beginner occult circles, the hexad is often erroneously equated with the root word of 'hex', meaning to bewitch when in reality, it is the Greek ''hex' and 'hexas' that are actually identified as the etymological sources of hexad. 

"The sides of the northern hemisphere’s hexagon are each 8,600 miles (13,800 km) long, about the width of Earth. The entire structure, some 15,000 miles (24,000 km) across, remains locked in place and does not shift in longitude, unlike all other clouds in Saturn’s atmosphere. Nearly four Earths could fit inside it. Newer images taken by the orbiting Cassini in thermal-infrared light show that the hexagon extends much deeper into the atmosphere than previously expected, and penetrates at least 60 miles (100 km) below the cloud tops. 


The hexagon’s cause is naturally a topic of immense speculation. It is assumed to be a standing wave, like the quasi-permanent lenticular clouds seen hovering over some

earthly mountains even though high-speed winds blow through them. The problem, of course, is explaining why a standing wave should assume this shape — or any geometric pattern for that matter. 

Another thought is that it may result from a unique, previously unseen kind of aurora, meaning the hexagon was somehow sculpted by the planet’s magnetic field and by electrical forces. After all, Saturn’s actual aurora flickers high above that same location. Yet another idea is that, since the hexagon rotates in perfect sync with Saturn’s radio emissions, perhaps that part of the energy spectrum is visually manifesting itself. However, it is easy to say such things but quite another to come up with some actual credible physical mechanism for how they work."

Together, the initiated return from their exile in Babylon to rebuild the new temple of Solomon, thus completing the Great Work. Again, this is an alchemical allegory; the Jerusalem temple built by Solomon was destroyed in 587/586 B.C.E ., after the Babylonians captured the city and burned it down, exiling the Judean leadership to Babylon; however, Babylon means confusion, deception, and illusion: an opposition to Yahweh – here, initiates learn that this story is not about a literal temple at all. They learn that the name Solomon is derived from the words SOL, meaning the primeval sun of Saturn and/or light, OM, the sacred syllable used to represent the divine logos, and ON, meaning truth, being, and energy – the temple of Solomon is therefore “the House of Everlasting Light” or better yet, “the house or cube of Saturn [the light bearer]”. The initiate learns to identify this house as the karmic self (alchemical lead) which is governed by the Saturnian properties of time and attrition.  The Babylonians burning 

this temple is an alchemical metaphor for the initiation of the Saturnian brother or sister via the destruction of their former selves, just as the exile of the Judean people into Babylon is a metaphor for the initiate’s descent into the domain of illusion and matter [maya]. When burned, the House (Cube) of Saturn turns black like coal, thus the exilic period is marked by the blackening of this cube – all of this is describing the advent of a perceptual phenomenon referred to as the Black Cube of Saturn; understanding this concept is essential to the education of the initiate. The fall from everlasting light (the Temple of Solomon) into the domain of matter (Babylon) is the same as Adam and Eve’s exile from Eden following their cognition of duality and separateness – both refer to our fall from unmediated experience into the simulacrum of three dimensionality, the artifice of history, and the bondage of symbolic relationality: all three are venerated by the enduring mystery and matrix (womb) of the black cube.