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Inspired by the Japanese concept of “Ma”, Carter Wilson is producing  under a pseudonym "NGTVSPC" on his first beat tape, dancing between the presence of absence and the absence of presence on this self-titled EP. Within that moment of liminality exists a particular equilibrium, a type of joy. Finding this place is the listeners challenge.

Rob Sylvia (b. 1996)

Rob Sylvia is a multimedia artist based in the Bay Area who specializes in abstract and psychedelic portraiture, animation, and sculpture. After meeting at Cornish College of the Arts in 2015, Sylvia and the Wilson brothers have been working together since. He is one of the earliest proponents of Unilalianism.

social media: @robdousy 

!!!!! (Deluxe Edition)


New album by  Carter Wilson

Carter Wilson photographed while sitting in a Unilalia comfort chair, on set for his self-directed video for Spring Classic, a single off his !!!!! album.

Captured by Ellis Wilson.

Tacoma-based rapper Skully Vega perfoming for Unilalia Live! 003