Question: Can you define Unilalianism?

Answer:  Unilalianism (/junɨˈleɪ.li.ən.ɪzəm/) refers to a 21st-century art and aesthetic project created by a Coharie family of interdisciplinary artists guided by one central motivation – the reterritorialization of selected locales as a demonstration against and subversion of metanarrativity, the fingerprint of colonization, in the context of anticolonial activism. In layman's, this is the real-time construction and overlay of a new world over the old, and consequently, the gradual reclamation of autonomy in the province of mind. The logic and thesis behind this project builds on the techniques and tactics found in Mémoires, specifically psychogeography and détournment, by applying them in the context of securing the indigenous right to think independently of the colonizer's vocabularies, stories, and images.