Ellis Wilson (b. 1996)

When producing visual artwork, Ellis A. Wilson focuses on abstract, psychedelic, and suggestive narrative-based imagery along the topics of identity, race, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

social media: @childofdevilmountain

Runoff / Foliage



acrylic relief on canvas

(with modeling paste)

Completion in chromatic opposition; analogy for  yin-yang principle. Two diametrically opposed colors come together to produce one total composition, the contrast between the two creating ambiguous forms. that suggest fluidity, movement, and spontaneity.

Olive Way​  22"x28"

Acrylic finger painting on canvas

This painting features a psychedelic abstraction of Olive Way in downtown Seattle, based on psychonautic exploration and experience with subsaharan  psilocybin mushrooms. 

The Secret Stairs



acrylic finger painting

on wood panel.

Based on memories of the Russian River near Santa Rosa, California.