Unilalia is an expanding world and evolving underground infrastructure of creators, an aesthetic vehicle designed to accelerate the decolonization of consciousness.

About a couple years ago,  I was working on an artist spotlight segment for my friend and talented artist Rob Sylvia down in Oakland, California. This was to be included in  an issue of the Unilalia Zine (RIP), one of the projects that was cut short (or postponed) due to a robbery incident on July 3, 2017.  After photographing  all  the content over a series of shoots located at Redwood Regional Park, all I needed were the actual interview responses, the copy of the article and substance of the spotlight.  One of the many things that intrigued me about Rob's 2D work at the time was how being color blind influenced his approach as a visual artist.  I saved his original artist statement from 2017, shown below. The media on the left shows the process behind some of his more recent work. 

– Ellis Wilson

“The lack of color is both meant as a exaggerated example of what people believe my vision is, and literal help because I do really struggle with colors.The solid black background is both meant to highlight these features as well as to create the illusion that the faces are sitting at a window. Watching, could the have something to tell you? Would you listen if they did, even if it shattered your concept of reality? Would you be ready to recreate everything? Would you be able? What if they told you the truth, the bittersweet paradoxical truth? The most simple yet complex concept that you can grasp. Would you be willing to listen, or would you be so afraid of the answer that you try to seek “another truth”. Although the sad part of reality is that, even though there are countless paths to “the truth”, there are no other truths besides the most beautiful and disgusting truth out there. The truth that life, is all about just documenting what you experienced, to treat life like a story that you write yourself. The truth that no matter how many times you ask for a motif or a plot to write about, you will hear nothing and you will have to make your own meaning. The possibility of you being all alone, the only sentient thing, everything and everyone else being on some sort of script or track, is just as high as the possibility that an all powerful and knowing being created reality out of good. Who would believe that everything you knew was from your imagination? Would you? What if there is nothing to anything, and everything just happens for no reason? Why would the faces be glaring at you if there was nothing to them but inspiration and exaggeration?” – Rob Sylvia, 2017









Boof Blunts



Inspired by the Japanese concept of “Ma”, Carter Wilson is producing  under a pseudonym "NGTVSPC" on his first beat tape, dancing between the presence of absence and the absence of presence on this self-titled EP. Within that moment of liminality exists a particular equilibrium, a type of joy. Finding this place is the listeners challenge.

Rob Sylvia (b. 1996)

Rob Sylvia is a multimedia artist based in the Bay Area who specializes in abstract and psychedelic portraiture, animation, and sculpture. After meeting at Cornish College of the Arts in 2015, Sylvia and the Wilson brothers have been working together since. He is one of the earliest proponents of Unilalianism.

social media: @robdousy 

!!!!! (Deluxe Edition)


New album by  Carter Wilson

Carter Wilson photographed while sitting in a Unilalia comfort chair, on set for his self-directed video for Spring Classic, a single off his !!!!! album.

Captured by Ellis Wilson.