It should be noted that Salvinorin A has a reverse tolerance property — when the extract is smoked, its effects on consciousness intensify after each use so tread carefully; this terrain is not intended to accommodate the sensibilities of the novice. Generally speaking, in this domain, there are three distinct categories or levels of intensity:


Upon exhalation, users find themselves involuntarily laughing hard at absolutely nothing. There is no substance-induced visual stimulus; the user’s visual field remains unchanged but they are still laughing hysterically. To the observer, the individual’s spouts of involuntarily laughter come off as very unsettling but in a very subtle way. Something just doesn’t feel right. 


Upon exhalation, users encounter the stranger aspects of this dissociative psychedelic. The visual field appears unchanged until the individual notices that a piece of the visual field is transforming into something that is ineffable. As this intensifies, individuals may feel the very real sensation of becoming an inanimate object (such as a pant leg or a chair) or feel as though they are being pulled into a non-local space of ambiguous forms where reality appears to be an infinite collection of identical objects. Individuals may feel the sensation of being pushed or pulled in varying directions; they may feel pressures in varying parts of their bodies (forehead, chest, shoulders, etc.). Users may experience auditory hallucinations such as the strange sound of cheering from beyond the edges of their peripheral vision. This is the intermediate phase before the breakthrough is achieved. None of this is euphoric - it is generally unsettling, seemingly mechanical and very alien. This phase may also include involuntary laughter.


Upon exhalation, the individual’s total perception of physicality is obliterated. Users have successfully broken through. Individuals report the feeling of being unzipped, flattened, folded or divided into millions of smaller pieces until reality appears unrecognizable. Some report the eerily familiar sensation of time freezing and then the series of unfolding moments become pages that are being flipped through rapidly and this phenomena completely dominates the visual field. Consciousness leaves the body and the body may begin to act as if it has a mind of it own, moving and shifting frantically in every direction (the user is unaware of this during the experience). The rest lies beyond the scope of any vocabulary.