Before continuing, ask yourself the following questions:

To what degree is my life dictated by the momentum of labels?

To what degree am I trapped inside of my own identity?

In what ways do I trap others inside of their own identities? 

Before I was taught my identity, how did I experience “myself”?

Why must I identify with manufactured social categories?

In what ways does my identity mediate my relationship to nature?




This autobiographical installation documents the life story of an individual who finds himself at odds with the taxonomies, categories, and conventionalities of the dominant social context. It is a radical critique and denouncement of consensus reality as much as it is a final declaration of one's own autonomy – at the final moment, the total realization of the natural is signified by the inevitable destruction and defeat of one's own imagination of selfhood. To destroy blackhood is to snap a leg of the table we call society; as it all collapses, one comes face to face with naked, unmediated experience.

Auditory backdrop.

Listen with headphones.