The Unilalia Group is a delocalized art house based in the Seattle-Tacoma metro area. It can be thought of as a grouping of six creative ongoing initiatives, two of which are listed below:

1. Unilalia Live! [2019-2020]


Unilalia Live! is an event series and venue floating showcase in the Seattle area designed to give underrepresented artists pathways to visibility while building community and establishing networks. Before the COVID-19 shutdown, we had worked with over 27 artists from diverse backgrounds, organizing nine consecutive events across five venues over the span of eleven months.This initiative is in its early stages.

2. Virtualizing our corner 


This is an ongoing project – the goal is to virtualize our corner of the Seattle-Tacoma underground by streamlining the SEO side of artists we've connected with in the area. Like the initiative above, this one is also in its very early stages of development. This is a community service. 

Across different cultures and religions, and throughout different films, literature, and other media, we encounter the motif of the black cube. This theme is integral to the Judaic, Muslim, and Masonic traditions among many others. 

“To earth, then, let us assign the cubic form, for earth is the most immovable of the four and the most plastic of all bodies, and that which has the most stable bases must of necessity be of such a nature.” — Plato

What does it mean and how does its recognition elucidate the mystery of consciousness? This is Pandora's Box and is the main focus of our research aggregate.